About SPIN

About SPIN

SPIN was conceptualized in Malmo, Sweden by group of friends during ESNR 2017. The main aim is to foster education in Pediatric Neuroradiology , especially in areas where it is not strongly represented. Pediatric Neuroradiology is a diversified evolving subspecialty. Innovative didactic and interactive teaching platform will be the key features to make this complex subject interesting to the participating audience. The topics will be designed to keep abreast with recent literature updates and emphasizing clinico-neuroradiology approach to common and uncommon intriguing pathologies encountered in routine practice. Based on our first successful teaching course in Adelaide 2018 , we intend to organise regular events at different places by jointly coordinating with local bodies and national organisations.

Being a non-profit academic portal our goal has always been to make friends as we go through this journey of reaching out to people with education, training and knowledge sharing.

The objectives and purpose of SPIN Academics is to impart practical education and training for residents, fellows and radiologists in countries where Pediatric Neuroradiology as a dedicated subspecialty is less represented

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